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By Wim Zonneveld

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The structure of the human language school has been one of many major foci of the linguistic examine of the final part century. This department of linguistics, generally often called Generative Grammar, is anxious with the formula of explanatory formal bills of linguistic phenomena with the ulterior aim of gaining perception into the homes of the 'language organ'. The sequence includes top of the range monographs and picked up volumes that tackle such concerns. the subjects during this sequence diversity from phonology to semantics, from syntax to info constitution, from mathematical linguistics to experiences of the lexicon.

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They involve verbs which, in a manner of speaking, show a generalized operation of WEAKENING throughout their inflectional paradigms, and not exclusively in forms where suffixal schwa follows. Let me take the back vowel verb braden »to fry» (stem: braad) as a first example. It has the paradigm of (23) in the indicative mood. -en past braadde/braaide braadde/braaide braadden/braaiden gebraden/gebraaien These forms can be brought into line in the following manner. Forms such as braad and braadt are both pronounced [bra:t] and show, given the voiced a of braden, the operation of independ- - 29 - ently motivated processes of Dutch phonology: final devoicing, 2 voicing assimilation, and degemination of consonants· The latter rule is also involved in the derivation of the nonweakened past tense forms, where braadde(n) is pronounced [bratda].

Schrijen ?? vlie^n ?? voeien ?? wijen ?? ziegn (no d-less form) •to •to •to •to •to •to •to »to •to •to •to «to •to »to •to •to •to •to •to •to •to •to verbal infinitives glijden houden kleden kneden rijden snijden baden bieden bloeden braden broeden duiden beiden schri j den vlieden voeden wijden zieden bevroeden smaden waden woeden H tl tt glide1 keep· dress· knead' drive' cut· bathe' offer» bleed· fry» brood· indicate» bide· stride· flee· feed· consecrate· seeth· suspect· despise· wade· rage· - 25 - (iii) nominal plurals (or other derived forms, as indicated) X.

Thus, keeping ourselves to front vowels for the moment, we find alternations as in (29), where the vowels of the singular may be diphthongized by final vowel diphthongization, and where the plurals are pronounced with j_ on the boundary between stem and suffix. (29) sg pi drie knie kwee drieSn knieön kweeSn »three* »knee 1 »quince» [drija] [knija] [kwe:ja] ree reeeii »roe* [re:ja] spie wee spie'on wee8n »pin» [spija] »labour(birth)» [we:ja] zee zeeBn »sea* [ze:ja] It is precisley the rule operative here which can be invoked to explain 2.

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