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SSA’s are materials that are relatively transparent to neutrons in the fast spectrum but a massive absorber at the lower end of the energy spectrum [King, 2005]. 985. 924 g/cc) with the core flooded with water. This accident scenario includes a variety of negative aspects: the water is moderating the neutrons to a significant degree, and the sand is an 47 excellent reflector. This accident scenario has often been a more challenging one than the water immersion case. 5 g/cc. 4 g/cc) and. 6 g/cc).

The primary material being investigated is yttrium hydride. Yttrium hydride appears to be a stable high-temperature moderator, though data on its materials and neutronics characteristics is limited. Yttrium Hydride would replace the Nb1Zr matrix between the fuel pins in the original designs and would likely have a cladding of some material to minimize hydrogen leakage. In these runs, a generic stainless steel was used to estimate the neutronic impact of such a liner; a more temperature appropriate choice will have to be made.

In a variety of cores this had led to a net increase in reactivity. This effect is highly dependent on the density of the sand. 001 for this scenario. 001 Reflector These results show that the reactor is substantially subcritical in all of these accident scenarios. The most problematic of the accident cases is the dry sand immersion case, which is also the least credible of the accident scenarios. The likelihood of a reactor coming down intact and burying itself in sand is low. At high velocities even water starts 49 looking like concrete on impact.

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