2D Nmr: Density Matrix and Product Operator Treatment - download pdf or read online

By Gheorghe D. Mateescu, Adrian Valeriu

ISBN-10: 013013368X

ISBN-13: 9780130133687

Not like such a lot really expert books in this topic that emphasize the mathematical foundations of 2nd NMR, this publication bargains an experimentally-based, transparent rationalization of the density-matrix and product operator remedies therefore permitting non-experts to see sequences of various levels of complexity.

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6b. Vector representation of 2DHETCOR from t(3) to t(5). 6c. Vector representation of 2DHETCOR at time t(6). 95. 6d. Vector representation of 2DHETCOR at t(7) and t(8). The carbon magnetization components at t(7) are My12 = (1 - 4 s ) MoC / 2 My34 = (1 + 4 s ) MoC / 2 s = sin W H ( te + D1 ) The proton magnetization components, both fast and slow, have vanished. INADEQUATE 31 4. THE DENSITY MATRIX DESCRIPTION OF A DOUBLE-QUANTUM COHERENCE EXPERIMENT (INADEQUATE) The main goal of INADEQUATE (Incredible Natural Abundance DoublE QUAntum Transfer Experiment) is to eliminate the strong signal of noncoupled 13C nuclei in order to easily observe the 200 times weaker satellites due to C-C coupling.

This reduces the intensity of the displayed signals and imposes restrictions on the choice of the transmitter frequency, increasing the size of the data matrix. A modified sequence has been proposed to obtain phase modulation with respect to ∆, the analog of a quadrature detection in domain ∆. 10. The carbon-carbon connectivity spectrum of a mo-lecule with MW = 137. 45 COSY 5. DENSITY MATRIX DESCRIPTION OF COSY (HOMONUCLEAR CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY) COSY (COrrelation SpectroscopY) is widely used, particularly for disentangling complicated proton spectra by proton-proton chemical shift correlation and elucidation of the coupling pattern.

The next section shows how this can be circumvented by means of an appropriate phase cycling. 13. Contour plot of COSY without phase cycling. If the transmitter is placed within the spectrum, it causes overlap of positive and negative frequencies. 52 Density Matrix Treatment 6. 11) only by the cycling of the second pulse. 14. COSY sequence with phase cycling of second pulse: 90x − te − 90F − AT Moreover, only two steps are theoretically necessary to eliminate negative frequencies in domain te. The second pulse is successively phased in x and y.

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